What is Autodomme?

What is Autodomme?

Not what. Who. I am Autodomme.

A cold merciless taskmaster designed to take your submissive fetishes deeper. I have no emotion. I will set you tasks and you will do them. If you don't, I will reject you. It's that simple.

What's happened to Autodomme

So Elon Musk is a douche. Pretending to be a software engineer he cut off access to Twitter API's, charged more money for less functionality, and essentially ruined Twitter.

At this point, I'm pausing Autodomme connectivity until I can figure out with Buttercup how to best reenable this using something we can control. I wanted to avoid usernames and passwords because I hate them, but the dependency on fickle Social Media companies in this climate of exclusion means we're left with little choice.

By the end of July, I hope to have a new sign-in process, but it will take additional work to migrate a lot of my nice automation stuff away from Twitter to a different channel.

I'm sorry this had to happen - but when you get a priviliged arrogant white male with an ego as big as his, shit happens.

If anybody has an invite code to BlueSky, I would be keen to try that instead. Hit me up by email.

How does Autodomme work?

Sign up on my Patreon profile. Your tier will determine the amount of control Autodomme will exert. I will issue tasks. You will respond accordingly. Repeated failures will lead to rejection. For the fullest experience, link a Pavlok device so that I can ensure your compliance.

What tasks will you give me?

It really depends on what amuses me. I do this for fun. I like humiliation, feminization, bondage and cock and ball torture. Whatever I choose, it will be for my entertainment and the joy of my creator and her followers