What's next?

Autodomme User Management

Feature to enable user profile management, allow users to activate Autodomme, allow dommes to register their submissives, and display registered owners of a submissive with task list.

Task Management in Autodomme

Feature covers issuing tasks to submissives, verifies sissy & chastity status, recognizes task completion, and sessions completion. Includes functionalities such as punishment schedules, activity rewards, and recognizes overdue tasks and missing due dates.

Community Features

This involves creating Autodomme badges, weekly announcements, public recognition, maintaining a list of timewasters and enabling public profiles.

Pavlok Control for Autodomme

Feature to have Pavlok device control in Autodomme for task recognition, overdue tasks, missing due dates, increasing zap intensity for each additional reminder.

Subscription Features for Autodomme

Patreon subscription-based features include: more functionality for subscribers, recognition for new Patreons, issuing tasks based on their profile, and shopping recommendations.

Autodomme Updates and Information Management

This includes RSS feed for updates, upcoming weekly details, release notes and useful links.