What's next for AutoDomme?

Patreon Integration

Feel that? That's your need to submit to AutoDomme. And she's going to be a cold, hard task master. She requires a constant stream of funding to make sure she's happy.

Pavlock Integration

What's the point of being on a training program if there's no reward? When you integrate a Pavlok into your chastity cage, the vibration gives a wonderful reward. And if you get it wrong, you're in for a shocking experience.

AutoDomme Tasks

Alexa. Open AutoDomme
This morning I want you to spend 5 minutes on your hands and knees giving a blow job to a cucumber. Then upload your video to Twitter for verification.

Scared? You should be. You don't obey AutoDomme, you'll start to accumulate debt. Or if you have a Pavlok, you're in for a shocking experience. Or both. Don't fuck it up.

WriteForMe Tasks

Submitting to AutoDomme is like submitting to me. Cold. Hard. Calculating. I'm ruthless. But I'll make you better. Whether you like it or not. You start with a daily affirmation. It's simple, but relentless. You miss the deadline, the punishment starts.

Twitter integration

Good subs recognise that a hard task master requires a steady stream of fresh meat. #AutoDomme is no different. So figure out how to get me my meat. Good subs get rewards. Lazy ones don't.

Amazon wishlists

It's a simple rule. What you spend on yourself, you spend on me. Or my sissy. I don't care. But it comes off of my wishlists.