What's next?

Autodomme Verification and Tasks

Enable Autodomme to verify chastity and sissy status randomly, issue tasks to submissives and recognise successful Deepthroat trainer completion. Implement Cornertime style punishment and writing lines punishment to Autodomme.

Social Interaction

Maintains a list of timewasters on Twitter, make Autodomme profile public, recognition of Deepthroat trainer completion grades publicly, and welcome new Patreon subscribers publicly.

Profile Information and Updates

Provide registered owners with access to submissive’s task list, adds BDSM survey to user profiles, and generate profiles from tweet feed and survey responses.

Subscription Services and Rewards

Rewards for Strava activities, provides recommended shopping list and issues tasks based on profile to subscribed submissives, and recognises Patreon subscribers with more functionality.

Owner and Submissive Interaction

Allows submissives to register their Pavlok and gives control of the Pavlok to their owner. Owners can register their submissives and issue tasks.


Send welcome emails to submissives, provides monthly Autodomme release notes to members and followers, and provides instructions and link to users to get a Microsoft Personal Account.


Includes creation of Autodomme kink badge for Subs/Dommes, recognition of varying Deepthroat training types, weekly announcement of who has sucked the most dildo, and the ability for dommes to create various links for their profile.